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Have you seen this dark figure?

We all dream. We've probably all had nightmares. But some of us seem to have had the same dream. The same nightmare. Science would like us to think that there is an explanation. And perhaps there is, though I am not so quick to accept it. Maybe it's my acute imagination that refuses to believe it can be explained away by someone that has never experienced waking in the night to find you have a visitor sitting or standing beside your bed. A dark figure that looms over you and though you cannot see its face, you know its staring right at you. Watching. Waiting. But for what?

Yes, I am speaking of the Hat Man. If you've seen him, too, you are not alone. You know what I am talking about. It wears an old, dark colored overcoat and an old hat. Sometimes there is just one figure, other times there are two. There's the short, stalky figure that usually sits or stands very close to the side of your bed, then the other one, the taller, slimmer one, also wearing a dark, long coat, who stands a little further away. The shorter one wears a hat that is rounded on the top and its rim is not as prominent and tends to hang downward. Whereas the taller figure's hat has a more squared off look and its rim looks straight and stiff.

Scientists claim there is a name for this experience. They call it sleep paralysis. I am not really sure why they tend to call it that, as last I knew paralysis meant:

pa·ral·y·sis noun \pə-ˈra-lə-səs\medical : a condition in which you are unable to move or feel all or part of your body: a state of being unable to function, act, or move.

I cannot speak for others, only for myself, and as for me, I could move just fine. I had no trouble whatsoever with pulling the covers up over my head. I was not asleep. I knew I was awake and seeing what I was seeing. So, you ask, what was I seeing? An image that had somehow transcended from a dream and into my wakefulness? An hallucination? Well, that could be what it was...if not for one thing...all of those other people who have witnessed the same visitation.

I was not aware of how many people, from all walks of life, living miles apart, complete strangers, that had the same experience. A few years ago I was watching one of the afternoon talk shows, and there was a man who claimed he awoke one night to see this dark figure beside his bed. He held up a crude drawing he had done of the entity. It looked exactly like what I had seen. Recently, I did a google search, "figure in old coat and hat" and found an abundance of stories very much like mine.

One site for example,, had several accounts of people having the same experience.

Why have so many seen the same dark figure? What is the reason for these visitations? Are we having the same dream? The same nightmare? I believe I am not alone when I say, I want to wake up.

Copyright © by Kaelin C. Murphy 2014 Written for blog

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